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NAESB Governance Documents
GISB Governance Documents

Committee and Subcommittee Procedures:
    End Users

Committee and Subcommittee Procedures:
    GISB Organizational Chart as of March 1, 1999.
    Procedures for GISB Executive Committee Subcommittees - approved on February 16, 1995 and amended on April 16, 1998.
    Executive Committee Actions on Standards and Related Matters - dated August 18, 1997.
    Interpretation Subcommittee Mission and Procedures as of July 10, 1997.
    Business Practice Subcommittee Mission.
    Triage Subcommittee Mission.
    GISB Operating Procedures with respect to GISB Affiliated Group Meetings, Agendas and the working of a GISB Affiliated Group     on matter(s) not yet assigned a Request Number.

    Executive Committee Resolution Regarding Voting Procedures for Subcommittees or Task Forces dated June 11, 1998.
    Executive Committee
Subcommittees and Task Forces Voting Practices as of August 20, 1998.
    Executive Committee Resolution
Regarding the Scope of Activities for the Internet "Look and Feel" Group dated September 12, 1997.
    Board of Directors Resolution
Regarding Membership Benefits Administration approved March 3, 1998.
    Board of Directors Resolution dated May 13, 1997.
    Board of Directors Resolution.
    Board of Directors Resolution Regarding GISB Activities.

Standards Related Procedures:
    Procedures for Adopting Standards - dated August 18, 1997.
    Procedures for Adopting Minor Clarifications and Corrections to Standards - dated August 18, 1997.
    Procedures for Communication with the FERC - dated August 18, 1997.
    Procedures for Standards Development and Maintenance - dated August 18, 1997.
    Appeals Procedures - adopted April 16, 1998.

Bylaws and Certificate of Incorporation:
    Bylaws of Gas Industry Standards Board Inc.
    Certificate of Incorporation of Gas Industry Standards Board Inc.

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